Dashboards for Basecamp® and Freshbooks®

logo-squareHave you ever had a client shocked by their invoice? It’s an awkward feeling, isn’t it?

When clients experience invoice shock, they usually delay payment until their dispute is resolved. In addition, you often have to discount their rate or give away hours, which means you ended up working for free. The customer relationship is often never the same and the honeymoon phase is over.

BizPulse™ helps you manage client expectations by revealing your burn rate and the tasks you are working on, so clients are less likely to be shocked or surprised at the end of the month when they get their invoice.

When clients have their finger on the pulse of your burn rate, you can spend more time focusing on work and less time disputing invoices. You collect more money faster and get paid for every hour of your time. BizPulse™ does this by aggregating data from your Basecamp® and Freshbooks® data.

These same dashboards also help you anticipate all of your end-of-month invoices, so you know well in advance if you will have enough cash to pay all your expenses. And, depending on the quality of your data, you can forecast cash flow up to a year out.

If you are tired of the rat race, ups-and-downs, and feast-and-famine of working by the hour on a project-by-project basis let BizPulse™ help reduce your stress and allow you to focus on the most important activities and your most important clients. Sign up now for an unlimited free trial.

How it works

Sign in using Basecamp®

The first thing BizPulse™ will ask for is your Basecamp® credentials.

Once your account is verified your projects and time tracking data will be pulled in.

When combined with your standard hourly rates, we produce client dashboards so you and your clients can predict end-of-month invoices well in advance.

This alone helps to reduce client invoice shock. In addition, you can better manage your cash flow and prioritize your expense payments and billable hours.

With BizPulse™ you will never be surprised at the end of the month whether or not you will have the cash to pay your upcoming expenses.

Authenticate Freshbooks® API

The next thing BizPulse™ will ask for is your Freshbooks® API token. (Freshbooks® is is one of the best invoicing, billing, and cloud-based accounting solutions on the planet.  If you don’t have Freshbooks® you can get it here.) After it verifies that account, it will pull in past invoice and payment data.

When combined with your current burn rate and estimate end-of-month invoices, we can calculate remaining project budget revenue flow.

If you also use Freshbooks® to track your expenses – or pull expense data from your bank account – we can predict future cash flow.

With BizPulse™ you will be able to keep you finger on the pulse of the most important aspects of your business: cash flow!

View and share dashboards

Once you have authenticated Basecamp® + Freshbooks®, it will ask you for settings such as typical hourly rate and contract pricing models.

Armed with this data, we can assemble a series of charts and dashboards to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

In addition, you can select and share project dashboards with your clients, so you can manage their expectations as well.

Once you get to this point, we invite you to give us feedback.  Tell us what you like about our dashboards and how they can be improved.

If you like our dashboards, we ask that you share the concept with others like yourself.

Who this is for

Basecamp® + Freshbooks® users 100%
Freshbooks® only users 95%
Basecamp® only users 90%
Project-based service providers 85%
Designers, Developers, Attorneys 80%
Independent freelance consultants 75%
Hourly knowledge workers 70%
Marketing consultants on retainer 65%

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Freshbooks is one of the easiest and most popular billing, invoicing, cloud-based accounting, and time-tracking apps on the planet. Your BizPulse™ experience will be taken to the next level with Freshbooks. Why wait? Sign up now!

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